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Dear Sloan Alumni, (To those whose annual fees are drawn down in September)

As the Treasurer of Sloan Society of Japan, I would like to make the following annoucement regarding the annual fee. As you know, the Sloan Society of Japan is run thanks to the annual fees from all the members. Currently, the annual fees are collected in July from most of the members, but there are some members whose fees are collected in September. In order to improve the efficiency in the administration, we would like to integrate and collect the fee from all members in July starting this year. For the avoidance of doubt, there is no other changes, including the amount of annual fee (2000 yen / year).

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Yu Hironaka Treasurer MIT-Sloan Society of Japan
June 29, 2010

  • MIT Sloan Society of Japan is operated thanks to your membership fee.
  • For anyone who has contributed us with their membership fee, special privilege will be given.

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  • Please read the MIT Sloan Society of Japan By-laws before you make the payment.
  • Amount:  2,000yen annually (1/1~12/31)
  • Member's fee 2,000 yen annually (1/1~12/31) no deduction if you pay in the middle of the year.
  • Automatic draft service is available. For details, please contact Yu Hironaka (MBA, Class of 2007) at or
  • For those who wish to pay by bank transfer, the account information is as below.

Bank:  Mizuho Bank 
Branch:  Main branch
Account number:  1360440  general accounts
Account name:  MIT Sloan Society