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event calendar 2014

event calendar 2014
Event Date Report
SSJ Officers' Meeting for Goal Setting 14/01/24(fri) -
SSJ Officers' Meeting 14/02/08(thur) -
SSJ Officers' Meeting 14/03/06(thur) -
Golf Event (co-hosted by MIT-J) 14/03/15(sat) -
Panel Discussion by young alumni (Media Lab graduate, Mr. Endo) 14/05/30(fri) -
Welcome Party for New Grads 14/06/13(fri) -
Welcome Party for class of 2014 of all departments (co-hosted by MIT-J) 14/06/27(fri)  
MIT-J Board Meeting 14/07/23(wed) -
MIT Sloan on the Road in Tokyo 14/07/28(mon) -
SSJ Officers' Meeting 14/09/04(thur)  
Golf Event (co-hosted by MIT-J) 14/09/13(sat)  
SSJ Officers' Meeting 14/10/02(thur)  
SSJ General Assembly 14/11/27(thur) more info
SSJ Officers' Meeting 14/12/04(thur)  
Year-End Party for SSJ officers and MIT-J Board members 14/12/