MIT Sloan on the Road (Tokyo)


On October 4, 2007, at Marubiru Conference Room, Ms. Julie Strong and Ms. Jen Burke Barba, senior associate and assistant directors of MBA Admissions respective, hosted a presentation and reception for prospective MBA applicants from Japan.

120 or more prospective applicants and 20 or more alumni/ae showed up for the event. Julie talked about what is special about Sloan and run a short introduction movie produced by the Sloan students.

Alumni/ae talked about their MIT Sloan experience and also answered many interesting questions from prospective applicants during the reception. Even after the event, a number of applicants stayed in the room and chat with alumni/ae for more than an hour. The event was a great success. Good luck to everyone who came to the event!

毎年恒例のMIT Sloan入学希望者向けのAdmission Eventが10月4日(月)に東京・丸ビルで開催されました。SloanのAdmission OfficeからJulie StrongとJen Burke Barbaが来日し、120名以上のMBA候補生と20名以上のSloanの卒業生も集まり、会場はほぼ満席で盛況なイベントとなりました。


Sloan Society of Japanは皆様全員が、それぞれ最高の学校を選び、また留学生活が実りあるものとなることを心より祈念いたします。









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